Rock Oysters

Leeuwin Coast, Plated Rock Oyster

Albany Rock Oysters thrive in the cool, nutrient-rich waters of Oyster Harbour on the south coast of Western Australia.

The estuarine environment of Oyster Harbour gives Albany Rock Oysters a rich flavour profile that is completely unique to Albany.

Described as creamy and soft, rich with a briny finish, there is a distinctive floral complexity to the already bold umami flavours of an Albany Rock Oyster.

Leeuwin Coast, Akoya

Oyster Harbour

Fed by fresh waters from the King & Kalgan Rivers and bordering with the saltwater of the Southern Ocean, Oyster Harbour presents nutrient rich growing conditions for Albany Rock Oysters.

Leeuwin Coast Locations, Albany
Leeuwin Coast, Rock Oyster Catching
Leeuwin Coast, Akoya

How They Grow

0-12 Months

We use hatchery produced spat (juveniles) to produce Albany Rock Oysters, ensuring our farms receive the very best quality seed stock.  

When large enough, spat are transferred to our farm in Oyster Harbour.

Leeuwin Coast, Rock Oyster Catching

12+ Months

Albany Rock Oysters grow and thrive by filtering the nutrient-rich waters of Oyster Harbour and don’t require any additional feed.

As Albany Rock Oysters grow, we monitor and manage the infrastructure to ensure the stock gets enough space and optimum conditions.  

We use flipping techniques to emulate tidal conditions that Albany Rock Oysters are adapted to, and to keep our equipment in optimal condition.  

Leeuwin Coast Locations, Albany


Albany Rock Oysters are a seasonal product which are available in the summer months.


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