Seafood grown to honour WA oceans

Revelling in the swift flowing currents along the Leeuwin Coast, our produce is uniquely West Australian. The taste is unparalleled, as clean and pure as the pristine waters in which it is grown.

But as we share a taste of home with the world, we are working towards something greater. We believe in oceans that flourish. Where marine life is abundant and healthy. Where we give more than we take.

We have built our aquaculture business on sustaining this vision. Through regenerative practices we are closing the loop and are creating solutions to prevent climate breakdown, enhance food security and revitalise local ecosystems.

Seafood that is grown to honour WA oceans, and our world at large.

Our Akoya

The Leeuwin Coast Akoya is quite literally a hidden local gem. Its shell has a striking pearlescent lustre and nestled inside is a divine seafood treasure that is sublime whether cooked, cured, or raw.

And the taste? Like taking a dip in the Southern Ocean!

Our Akoya are cultivated and harvested from Mistaken Island in Albany. With waters that are among the most pristine in the world, it really is food for the soul.

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With a sweet taste that is unparalleled, as clean and pure as the pristine waters in which they are grown, Leeuwin Coast mussels are cultivated and harvested from Garden Island near Perth and Emu Point in Albany.

Our local teams have over 100 years of combined experience in the aquaculture and seafood industries. We’re dedicated to supplying the world with finest seafood grown and harvested from the Leeuwin Coast.

Packed live and ready to cook, Leeuwin Coast mussels are harvested, cleaned and delivered within 24 hours for the freshest flavour.

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