Dedicated to supplying the world with the finest, sustainably grown shellfish.

Leeuwin Coast grows delicious shellfish on our aquaculture farms in Albany, Western Australia.

Our team of rigorous and passionate people bring their knowledge and expertise to grow Albany Rock Oysters and Akoya in this incredible landscape, which has long been a hub for shellfish aquaculture in Western Australia.

Leeuwin Coast, Akoya Catching
Akoya grow on long lines under the water
Geof on our Western Australian waters
Geof on our Western Australian waters
Hands holding Leeuwin Coast, Albany Rock Oysters
Albany Rock Oysters

Sustainable shellfish aquaculture

Working across both estuarine and oceanic environments our team bring together knowledge gained from deep expertise in the industry with the latest technology and research.

We have a strong focus on sustainability and innovation and are constantly seeking opportunities to produce the highest quality shellfish with the lowest possible impact.

Our Emu Point shore-base on Oyster Harbour is the hub for our marine operations and we are investing in our infrastructure both on and off the water.

Our team works hard in this pristine landscape to grow shellfish that is both sustainable and delicious, using innovative techniques and years of hands on experience.

Leeuwin Coast Locations, Albany

Our Farm Team

Our rigorous and passionate team combine years of hands on experience with modern technology in their work on and off the water
Harvest Road Table full of food

Proudly Owned by Harvest Road

Harvest Road Group are a family-owned, proud West Australian integrated Cattle & Beef and Aquaculture business. Our diverse operations span the entire state, from the majestic Kimberley region in the north down to scenic beauty of Albany in the south, partnering with over 1,400 small businesses to deliver Western Australia’s quality produce to our customers across Australia and around the world through our lead brands Harvey Beef and Leeuwin Coast. 

We are proud of our heritage and ambitious for our future, striving to make a positive impact on our people and their wellbeing, our environment and the ecosystems within our stewardship, and the communities and partnerships we are nurturing.

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Leeuwin Coast, Akoya


A delicate tender texture with a fresh ocean taste.
Leeuwin Coast, Albany Rock Oysters

Rock Oysters

Pristine taste from the unspoilt waters of Albany, Western Australia.