Leeuwin Coast is proud to be on a journey focused on re-defining best practice in sustainable shellfish aquaculture. Maintaining this focus on a commercial scale means the marine environments we operate in continue to thrive and produce the best quality seafood.

Albany, WA

No shortcuts

Shellfish aquaculture is inherently sustainable - it doesn’t involve the addition of any feed or chemical treatments to the water. Oysters even sequester carbon into the shell as they grow, and we are constantly assessing our practices to further reduce our climate impact.

Carbon Neutral

In 2020 our aquaculture products were the first in Australia to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active - a rigorous Australian Government initiative. This means we have achieved net zero carbon emissions in the production of our shellfish.


Friend Of The Sea

Our shellfish have attained Friend of the Sea certification, a leading standard that recognizes sustainable aquaculture practices and promotes marine conservation.


APCO Member

We are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a not-for-profit organization leading the development of a circular economy for packaging in Australia.

We design and review our packaging using ACPO’s sustainable packaging guidelines and have made a range of improvements to our packaging like removing cable ties and metal eyelets from our Rock Oyster bags. Click here to read more.


Change Just One Thing

We have partnered with the West Australian Good Food Guide to encourage hospitality venues to focus on sustainability via the Change Just One Thing initiative.


Our ocean is precious.
We aim to take good
care of it.

Water Health

Initiative 1

Water Health

We track the health of the waterways surrounding our farms, checking a range of parameters and indicators to ensure our oysters are maintained in pristine environmental conditions.  

Seagrass Monitoring

Initiative 2

Seagrass Monitoring

In Oyster Harbour, we pay particular attention to monitoring the seagrass populations that are present around our infrastructure.

Collaborative Approach

Initiative 3

Collaborative Approach

We look for ways to better understand and manage our interactions with marine ecosystems – partnering with research initiatives to generate baseline data about the local sea life.

Leeuwin Coast, Plated Rock Oyster
Leeuwin Coast, Plated Akoya

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