Leeuwin Coast, Plated Akoya

Akoya are grown in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Albany where clear, salty waters create a clean, crisp flavour profile unlike anything else.

Described as having a flavour reminiscent of abalone, with the brininess and minerality of an oyster, and an underlying sweetness of a scallop, the Akoya is truly unique.

Encased in a stunning pearlescent shell, the Akoya are a delicious sustainable choice for both chefs and diners and are widely versatile. Perfect cured, cooked or raw, they can be complemented by a multitude of other flavours.

Traditionally grown for pearls, our innovative aquaculture farming practices have allowed us to create an exceptional shellfish product, whose taste is influenced by Albany’s uniquely pristine environment.

Mistaken Island, Western Australia

Mistaken Island

Situated in King George Sound, just 5 km south east of the town of Albany. the oceanic waters of the Southern Ocean around Mistaken Island host the perfect growing conditions for the Akoya.

Leeuwin Coast, Akoya Catching
Hand holding Leeuwin Coast, Akoya
Mistaken Island, Western Australia

How They Grow

0-12 Months

Akoya are a subtidal species and are grown on ropes using similar techniques to those used in mussel cultivation. They attach using a byssal thread, also like a mussel, and this allows them to move around on the ropes and congregate together.

Leeuwin Coast, Akoya Catching

12+ Months

The Akoya prefer the marine environment where the waters are cool and clear, and they take around 18-24 months to grow to harvest size.

Leeuwin Coast, Akoya Catching


As Akoya are frozen directly after harvest, they are available all year round and have a 12 month shelf life from harvest.

   What chefs are saying

“The versatility of the Akoya is exciting to me as a chef - I enjoy being able to experiment with different techniques and flavours to create a range of dishes for my guests. There seems to be no limit to the ways in which you can cook with this very unique product.”

Chef Melissa Palinkas, Young George, East Fremantle
“It’s really interesting to work with a natural product that’s new to us, an ingredient that no one has really used. It’s natural, it’s not a fad, not a man-made thing, it’s actually there in the ocean. That’s what’s exciting.”

Chef Will Meyrick, Will Street, Perth


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Shellfish aquaculture is inherently sustainable so you can be sure what you are eating isn’t harming the planet.