Will Meyrick’s Buttermilk Akoya with Sea Parsley Oil

Will Meyrick’s Buttermilk Akoya with Sea Parsley Oil
Will Meyrick


12 Leeuwin Coast Akoya

100ml buttermilk

100ml mayo

15g garlic, finely grated

15ml chardonnay

5ml extra virgin olive oil

2g salt

100g blanched sea parsley

100g coriander

10 small green chillies

500ml chilled vegetable oil

Salt to taste


  1. Thaw Akoya in fridge for 2 hrs or at room temperature for 1hr or until semi-defrosted.
  2. To shuck, pinch either side of the Akoya at the bottom to create a gap in the top of the shell. Using a blunt knife, insert the knife between the shell and the Akoya meat and gently separate. Repeat on the other shell to release the meat. Gently remove the green byssal thread by pulling sideways and the Akoya is ready to prepare.
  3. Bring salted water to the boil and blanch a few Akoya at time for 40 seconds.
  4. Refresh in ice water. Set aside on a damp cloth.
  5. Rinse and clean the shell of any meat that has attached itself to the outer shell. Dehydrate for 30mins until shell has dried out.
  6. Combine all ingredients together for the buttermilk dressing and then whisk in until all ingredients are emulsified.
  7. Blanch the coriander and sea parsley and refresh in ice cold water.
  8. Rinse, dry and then blend with oil, green chilli and salt.
  9. Place rock salt or pebbles on the plate and add the Akoya shells.
  10. Place an Akoya into each shell, pour buttermilk dressing on to just cover.
  11. Pour one/two drops of the sea parsley oil on top and then garnish with picked sea parsley.