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Miso Butter Grilled Akoya with Black Garlic Aioli & Sweet Potato Fries


Time: 20Difficulty: Easy/moderateServings: 24

24 Leeuwin Coast Akoya

500g sweet potato fries

250g softened butter

3 tbsp red miso paste

1 sheet nori, toasted and ground

2 tbsp crushed fried shallots

1 tsp garlic, crushed

6 cloves black garlic

150g quality aioli

  1. Wash the Akoya and defrost in cold water for 10 minutes.
  2. Shuck the Akoya carefully removing the byssal thread and releasing from the shell on both sides. Rinse in cold water and set aside in the half shell, ready for grilling.
  3. Prepare the black garlic aioli by blending the garlic with the aioli, cook the sweet potato chips and mix together the miso butter.
  4. Top each Akoya with a generous amount of miso butter. Preheat an oven grill, salamander or a fan forced oven to 200°C. Grill Akoya for 3 minutes until butter is hot and bubbling.
  5. Serve piping hot alongside the aioli and chips.