Hot Smoked Akoya with Grilled Sourdough & Lemon Myrtle Butter

Hot Smoked Akoya with Grilled Sourdough & Lemon Myrtle Butter
Leeuwin Coast


24 Leeuwin Coast Akoya

1 cup smoking woodchips, soaked in water

6 slices quality sourdough, brushed in oil and char-grilled

200g quality butter

1/2 tsp sea salt

1 tsp dried lemon myrtle

1 tsp parsley, chopped


  1. Thaw Akoya in fridge for 2hrs or 1hr on the benchtop before use.
  2. To shuck, pinch either side of the Akoya at the bottom to create a gap in the top of the shell. Using a blunt knife, insert the knife between the shell and the Akoya meat and gently separate. Repeat on the other shell to release the meat. Gently remove the green byssal thread by pulling sideways and set aside the half shell ready for smoking.
  3. Prepare the lemon myrtle and grilled sourdough and set aside for serving.
  4. Soak the woodchips in water for 30 minutes. Place the Akoya on a rack or perforated tray which fits inside a sealable heat proof smoking chamber. Light the woodchips over a naked flame in a well-ventilated space until smouldering. Place the woodchips in the chamber, place the Akoya over top and seal. Smoke over low heat for 5 minutes until the Akoya are just cooked through.
  5. Remove from the heat, drizzle the Akoya in olive oil and sprinkle with lemon myrtle. Serve alongside warm bread with soft lemon myrtle butter.