Albany Rock Oyster Storage Instructions

Leeuwin Coast
August 28, 2023

To provide the freshest possible eating experience Albany Rock Oysters are only supplied live and care should be taken with storage to keep them in optimal eating condition.

Unshucked Storage Instructions

Store Albany Rock Oysters unopened between 10°C and 21°C in a cool, dark spot where the temperature remains consistent.

Do not refrigerate.

This ensures our Albany Rock Oysters remain fresh and in good condition for up to 19 days from harvest.

We do recommend you check your oysters periodically and discard any individual rock oysters that are open or look dry when shucked as this indicates the oyster has perished.

Shucked Storage Instructions

Albany Rock Oysters are best served freshly shucked and for optimal eating experience we recommend chilling them for 30 mins before serving. Once shucked, keep covered below 4°C and consume within 48 hours.