Albany Rock Oyster Packaging Specifications

Leeuwin Coast
December 11, 2023

Made from jute, a natural vegetable fibre, our hessian bags are an ideal material to store rock oysters in as it keeps them at optimal temperature. Please remove and dispose of the water resistant tag in general waste and then the bags can be re-purposed for storage or used in your garden.

We are consistently reviewing our packaging to improve sustainability and functionality. In 2022, we eliminated the necessity for single-use plastic cable ties for sealing our rock oyster bags, saving over 2500 cable ties and metal eyelets from landfill. This was made possible by modifying our packing techniques, as we started using a sewing machine for sealing and affixing swing tags. In 2023 we have improved on this process further to have the tag sewn in during the manufacturing process and incorporating a drawstring for easy closing and re-opening of the bag.

Each bag contains 40 dozen rock oysters.

Click here for detailed storage instructions and here for details on how to shuck an Albany Rock Oyster.