Designed around regenerative aquaculture

The wild winds and deep waters off Western Australia’s coast create an incredible bounty of fresh flavours that are uniquely West Australian.


A place of natural beauty renowned for the Albany Rock Oyster. 5 hrs drive south of Perth, Albany is one of the most southern points on the Western Australian coast, known for its stunning scenery, sheltered beaches, and where warm Leeuwin Current waters mix with those from Antarctica in the Southern Ocean. Historically a whaling town, these days the waves around Albany have gained a reputation for surfing and fine local seafood.

Albany Rock Oysters
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Carnarvon Oysters


Fed by the warm Leeuwin Current and influenced by the salty pristine waters of Shark Bay, our Carnarvon farm benefits from a uniquely warm and rich environment. 990km north of Perth, Carnarvon is the hub of the Gascoyne region and has long been famous for its fresh produce and succulent seafood. This is our newest farm, trialling aquaculture in different areas of the region where it has never been done before.

Our local team is committed to the ocean

We’re always looking for better ways to do things.
Gareth James
It’s a sustainable industry, we’re enhancing marine life.
Geof Peck
We’ve got the most pristine waters in the world. We become a custodian of that waterway.
Glenn Dibbin
I’m heavily invested in protecting our environment for future generations.
Lauren Peck
We get to share a taste of WA with Australia and the world.
Willie DeKlerk

Sustainable seafood aquaculture

Regenerative aquaculture is key to restoring our oceans to a flourishing state. Our farms in Albany, Garden Island and Carnarvon are designed around regenerative aquaculture, a way to create thriving habitats, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and offer food security above and below the waves.