Leading sustainable aquaculture in Western Australia

With our innovative aquaculture practices and combined 100 years of experience as ocean farmers, we’re dedicated to supplying the world with the freshest, finest Western Australian seafood.

What makes Leeuwin Coast unique?

The Leeuwin Current is a warm ocean current which flows southwards off the western coast of Australia. The Leeuwin Current makes the continental shelf waters of southern Western Australia warmer in winter and cooler in summer compared to similar regions in our latitude.

This unique current is responsible for the presence of tropical marine life further south than might be expected. Our sustainable aquaculture farms revel in these swift-flowing currents to produce responsibly-sourced seafood with an unparalleled clean and pure taste.

Redefining sustainability

We believe in oceans that flourish. Where marine life is abundant and healthy. Where we give more than we take. We’re continually exploring ways to re-define best practice so that the taste of produce from pristine Western Australian waters can be enjoyed for generations to come.

From wild winds and deep waters

Upholding the well-earned reputation of Western Australian produce, we are Western Australian born and bred. Our wild and remote ocean creates an incredible bounty of fresh flavours available nowhere else in the world. Our seafood is an expression of this special place we call home.

WA Akoya

Proudly owned by Harvest Road

Harvest Road is proud to share WA’s best produce with Australia and the world.

With a focus on sustainability and ethics, we are honouring the best of WA – the land our food comes from; the growers that tend it and the people and the local communities who bring it to market.

We are growing the future of Western Australia by unlocking sustainable food opportunities across the state and invite you to join us as we share the taste of Western Australia with the world.

Dive a little deeper

Where can I sample Leeuwin Coast seafood?

You’ll find Leeuwin Coast Akoya on the menus of renowned restaurants across Western Australia, as well as at select seafood stores. Ordering is available through our wholesale partners.

How is your seafood sustainable?

Our aquaculture system uses commercial hatcheries to breed spat (baby oysters) meaning we don’t deplete natural stocks. Our seafood is sustainably farmed using techniques that fuel a better ecosystem. The dropper lines we hang in the ocean for Akoya to grow on creates a habitat in the ocean, almost like a floating reef. This provides a home for all manner of marine life, from crabs to fish and more. We also invest in and support world-class marine conservation research, and where possible, we have eliminated plastics within our business and are continuously investigating ways of reducing plastics in everything we do.

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture refers to farming aquatic organisms on land or in the ocean. Fish, shellfish and algae are the most commonly farmed groups around the world, producing valuable protein to meet global demand. In fact, as of 2013 aquaculture has been producing more seafood than wild catch. Sustainability is at the heart of our aquaculture development as we continue to invest in and develop new techniques to ensure our environment is healthy.