06 Dec 2022

Urban List Recommends 5 Rooftop Restaurants Serving Up Mouthwatering Akoya Dishes

Thanks to our neverending coastline, Western Australia is absolutely spoilt with some of the planet’s most decadent and rare seafood.

QT Rooftop Akoya Dish


If you’re yet to try Akoya, the unique shellfish is often described as a a flavour reminiscent of clams, with the brininess and minerality of an oyster, and an underlying sweetness of a scallop. Set to be foodie’s shellfish choice of the season—it can be enjoyed raw, cured, ceviche, poached, steamed, grilled or even deep fried. 

Together with Leeuwin Coast, Urban List have put together 5 of the best Perth roof top serving up mouthwatering seafood dishes starring Akoya.

Click here to dive in.

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