26 Mar 2021

Matt Moran visits Leeuwin Coast Albany Aquaculture Farm

The celebrity chef toured our Albany farm, tasting our Akoya and Albany Rock Oysters straight from the water.


Flying in from Sydney to launch the WA Good Food Guide visiting chef series, the chef and restauranteur visited the Leeuwin Coast farm based at Emu Point, spending the day on the water near Mistaken Island and Oyster Harbour.

While on the farm, Matt learnt from the Leeuwin Coast team about our sustainable aquaculture practices and our introduction of the newest seafood delicacy, the Akoya.

Having tried them steamed and smoked, Matt loved the raw Akoya, enjoying one he pulled out of the water himself. “I’ve tried them steamed and popped open, I had some smoked the other day. They’re fantastic and have multi-uses,” he said (Albany Advertiser 25 March 2021).

General Manager of Aquaculture, Justin Welsh, also explained to Matt how our farms are designed around regenerative aquaculture.

Moran told the Albany Advertiser he saw plenty of potential in the Akoya. “I see huge potential, not just with the Akoya, but also with what the guys (Leeuwin Coast) are doing with oysters and mussels,” he said.

“It’s fantastic, it’s a beautiful harbour with pristine waters. I’ve seen the Akoya come into Sydney and whenever I go anywhere, I like to have a look around, I love my produce and when I see anything new, I like to see the grassroots to it all.”

While in Perth, Matt served up our Akoya at his two sold-out Aria takeover dinners at Hearth restaurant, pairing them with scampi roe and verjuice.

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